From the beginning of the company Freakin'Yummy Desserts has always had a close relation with it's sister company The Shop Outback. Crafter's Corner is the continuation of that partnership and allows us to provide even more quality products to our customers. All items sold by The Shop Outback are hand crafted and locally made by cottage crafter's and artisans.

This basket was hand wove by a local artists and it comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. This beautiful laundry basket is woven of 1 inch reed and is 20 inches x 19 inches wide. It is 11 inches deep...16 inches tall to the tip of the handles. It has rope woven into the design. It is available online and in the store as well.
QTY 1 Swanton, Oh Artist.
$60 + shipping
These adorable dolls have embroidered faces, come in a variety of prints and are both baby and animal safe. They can be washed on a gentle cycle in cold water and can be completely removed from it's sleeper.
QTY 10 Monroe, MI Crafter.
$15 + shipping
Cost break on shipping with multi-item orders.